8:14am – Instead of writing first thing, HOUSES first thing.

Nothing.  Well, nearly nothing.  One possibility, but I’m not much sold and I think I know what neighborhood it’s in.  Not bad, but…. I don’t know.

Kids up and look at and trading Pokemon cards, cereal and toast.  Stability, calm for the moment.  What are we doing today, Jack asks.  Says he wants to play football and frisbee and do something outside with me.  I promise him we will, then think about what.  Possible beach visit, go to a park in Healdsburg…

Kids begin their scuffle over whatever, anything they can think of.  “Stop it, Jack…” Emma says.  Jack continues to antagonize and provoke and test limits, see what he can get away with even testing me and my reaction pattern.

Double shot of espresso and nursing coffee now and still moving slow.  Xmas gifts for kids secured, then getting another later…. Love and deplore xmas, complicated composition of feeling surrounding this holiday.  Thanksgiving is simple.  Gather, eat and drink, enjoy, done.  Xmas is planning and fighting inventory discrepancies especially now.

Jack getting antsy, asking what we’re doing for the next two hours.  Good question.

How to speak the BDX language, engage others… simple question.  But so loaded.