this morning

Lights off in TR, just day’s brightness through window opening up room and day.  Listening to Emancipator, but even these tracks I feel I’ve heard too many times.  Goddamnit… the same is happening with music as wine.  BOREDOM.  Or complacency, stagnant mind and feel.

Noticing some characters changing, which only shoves me more forcefully and lovingly to be FREE in these types and entries…. HAPPINESS, the definition and embodiment.  Everything becomes univocal.  EVERYTHING.


Want to taste through each wine in this tasting room, write more about wine.  Always say that, but force self down a wined not so much rabbit hole but creative fall (which is more a rise than a fall).  The industry… this is not ‘industry’, what I do on the weekends here at Chris’ place.  This is eagerness to be around wine, that’s it.  Yes I enjoy selling, but it’s not the nexus of my purpose, here or with anything pertaining to vino.  Sipping the latte I see the vineyards I saw driving here on Kunde’s property and in Glen Ellen around where BR Cohn is.  MY wine story and past revisits… again and again and aggrandizes.

Wonder if my Kamen friends are next-door yet.  Probably not.  10:24, still a little early.  I’ll clock in at 10:30, but everything out – tables and chairs – then taste through flight.


Cancelling on 11/30.

LoFi beats now… relax Mikey.  This is what happens when you have too much caffeine…


10:55 should open door soon, or now, get some air from the Square and let the day start.  Start with the story, the day’s story, these LoFi tracks I have playing trying to relax self and not be so tense and intense and stressed about matters and things and people I can’t control.  I don’t want to “control” anything, honestly.  Just the lines on this page, this screen.  If I can even do that.

Pretending this is my winery.  Done it before but not like today.  I mean, I’m not going to tell people this is my label, but act like it.  Should taste through what’s not he flight, then take notes… have something new for this day to say.  Okay.. I’m a winemaker, winery owner.  I need to do this more, pretend like my daughter does when she plays having full on conversations with toys and beings that aren’t there…