Pretty sure I have a mild cold, but using past.

In office, 4-shot latte needed and some Tycho to relax me a bit.  Communicating pricing to a prospect in a bit, but want to hear from SE first.

Sending out email to students, closing the semester in effect.  Then, all focus on 2022, Bottledaux, #prospectesk, #bloggerrattik, etc….  EVERYTHING.

Was in a mood but now calming, leveling… emailed Director Mark and now combing through leads, old ones and potential new ones.  The only topic being scribbled on and toward in AE Notebook 1.

Messaged friend in HR to see if we have Friday off.  Pretty sure we do….

Friend walks by, throws peace sign.  9:07.

We do have Friday off.  Awesome…. Can use beginning part of day to online xmas shop and rest and write before the kids are picked up.  My weekend coming up, and I can hardly wait… feel like I haven’t seen them in years.  Seriously feels like years, no joke.  Focusing on them today, the whole day, till this fog is gone… this mood muck ‘caused only be me and letting some people and their voices in my circulation and synaptic reaction.

Internal roister, encouraging self.  Snap out of it, Mikey…

Snapping, singing, seeing.