Now what.  Posted to blog, and I’m in the nook…. thinking about the kids and how much I miss them and them working at a business of mine someday.  Did I forget to log something into Quicken yesterday?  Don’t think so…. OH WAIT, gas at the College station.  Shit… will do later, take receipt out of wallet and put on table how exciting.

Oh, I guess technically it’s on Mendo’, okay….  Tired still, even after the long shower and small sips of the espresso.  Don’t think I posted it to blog yesterday but I better not be coming down with a cold, or flu, or covid, ANYTHING.  Don’t have time.

So quiet in here.  Thinking of going to Sonoma early, writing at Peet’s and if it’s crowded then just go to the TR early.  Difference, I remind myself.  Do everything different.  Starting with today.  So then, NO.  No leaving early.  Look for more houses…

But I’m exhausted from the search, not feeling the excitement today.  At all.


Not sure how I arrived there, but I need freedom.  MORE freedom.  In thought, in communication and certain negotiations… when writing, journaling, building business and prospecting new accounts.

That one semester years ago where I lectured on HST’s Fear & Loathing aside other books and the dominant idea was FREEDOM, for all 18 weeks of the term.  That’s my return, that’s my NOW, here in this nook and in my newly laced and noted humor and comedic consideration of my experience and life… Anything can be found funny, and all this shit is funny to me.  At least it is this morning…

Why don’t I have a latte machine here?  Is there a such thing?  Oh, I guess I could make one with the Nespresso, right?  Yeah, but I’m too lazy.  Sticking to straight espresso…. Why am I gong on like this about caffeine and some machine that may not even exist even though I just acknowledged it does.  Why am I sounding so loopy this morning?  Do I have covid?