After Quicken meeting with Dad yesterday going for a drive stopping nowhere.

Thought about maybe getting a glass at Tips or Palooza, but didn’t want to be around humans, hear voices, have to sit uncomfortably close to someone I don’t know and then possibly worse having to talk.  So I just drove, having a glass of J Pinot Gris when finally back in Skyhawk.

Tasting room today, no messaging back certain people.  Want quiet, focus, maybe this is a mood but I don’t think so.  It’s me deciding there needs to be adjustments and as the Enterprise Sales Director says ‘calibrations’.  What those are exactly, to be determined.  No Starbucks this morning, one.  Radio silence, another… then what.  Close up semester, just close it.  Be done with it, and SRJC.  Do miss the classroom, but there weren’t any sections for me to teach anyway.  And how long should I be expect to wait and chase sections?

Onward, much onward.  Didn’t shave.  Not in the mood.  So this is me this morning, edgy, snappy, impatient.  Wondering when a Skyhawk house is going on market… or that one part of Windsor.  Be patient, be patient…. Yeah I get it.  Fuck.