Going outside. Starving. Need fresh air too. Oh, a nap after that… should I?

YES.  After this week, no brainer.

11:57am done with lunch and thinking about leaving office.  Go home and take a quick power nap wake to some espresso then line up what I can for next week.

Nothing to do, packing then will leave.  Nap sounds amazing.  Still a little hungry, lunch was light.  Refraining.  More fasting…. Sparkling water now, chewing some mint gum I forgot was in the backpack.

2:56pm, after a nap.  Won’t lie.  Needed and now that I’ve logged one for purposes of self-care which seems to be the dominant idea of the day starting this morning.  Idea, logging in Paris journal.  Telecom and internet work essentially done for the day.  Need another shot of espresso.  Not doing doubles anymore but one shot at a time as it appears to be more effective that way.

Going through photos again… my daughter when she was super little, vineyards, wine, more vineyards and wine, the Dutcher Crossing crew then Dutcher Crossing vineyard blocks.  How do I get the blogging business off the ground…. Kids get here or rather I go pick them up in just under two hours.  Go to store, get Diet Coke.  Not sure why but one sounds amazing right now, then later with dinner.

Wake tomorrow morning and head to gym and NO FUCKING EXCUSES.  Try 90 minuets… 60 running, 30 weights.  Okay, next shot of espresso, coming up.  Sunday night dinner with parents, where to…..  Can decide that later.  Self-care and love in every motion and step.  The next shot of espresso….  Tomorrow morning at gym.  Be sure to charge phone, I remind myself.

What did I have for lunch?  What were they called?  Well, both were kind of like tacos, but one with shrimp and the other with, what, beef?  Anyway, was relatively light.  Distracted by the strength of the single shot I just had.  I was right, far more potent one by one.  Maybe I don’t need another….

The ‘Blogger Attic’ idea will be given more impetus and initiative but before courting any clients I need to have self as client, I recognize.  Do something with Mike Madigan as a brand, then you can tell others how you can help, I tell myself.  Not sure if this counsel is sound or the best but it’s the current idea and with my today hyper realization of noting EVERYTHING I see it as appropriate.