7:30am self-care and self-talk and self-love and self-EVERYTHING.

Friend telling me about their path for more self-care, when they decided… it’s time.  It’s time for more ME in the story.  THEIR story.  Like being an AE for SELF.  Hmmm…..

Calls today, setting up next week, and next year.  Latte from Oliver’s this morning, first in a while.  Thought about going to gym but I think I need to pause, as I haven’t been going and need to set a routine that’s realistic and ready to actuate.  Will think about today, among other facets and composition to be written.

Want to shower.  Then do it, I say to self.  Just sounds amazing, the hot water.  Thinking chamber of sorts…. Business, tech, wine, fitness….  Relationships, writing, blogs and blogging, EVERYTHING.

Gorgeous outside.  Chilled air and the fog just at the top of trees but where the tips are visible, reaching above the fog as if to salute passing cars.  Hear a hammering in the distance.  That house across the canyon, the retainer wall chaps starting early on their project… building.

Then I think of a new project, a new book or blog or stream of the two…. Noting literally every thought, EVERYTHING that’s in my thinking, conception, sight.  Having the project start today… here in this doc or maybe on a new blog, or not.  NOT.  Start….


Looking out window here in dining room at fog on other side of canyon, light and translucent, above houses and trees.  The house I saw yesterday in Windsor, near park perfect for kids… but the firs house I’ve look at, can’t be too in love or smitten, can I?  Agent emailed me some other choices as well.  Haven’t looked at it yet.

Catch myself just staring again, in the same place.  Same houses, same fog patch or stretch, same visual, compositor.  Think again about business, Sonic, being an Account Executive, prospecting new business, writing about it… the shower, wine, one conversation and character, this Newness. Not too much, but yes an abundance and near overload of promise.  Telling friend last night about BDX and what I see it becoming….  The secret’s out, I thought to myself.  Why’d I do that?  Doesn’t matter.  And if I had to, start another project.

Quota met for 2021, now I start on 2022.  Business plan… more than that: inventory all conversations.  Will be laborious, but it can be done.  It has to be done, no other option or choice if I’m to be where I need.  The utmost and most intense intention of self-care and love and talk.

Out of ideas to note, for now.  But noting this new practice of noting. Everything… the latte, the AE notebook (AE Notebook 1)…. Searched for domain names around ‘about everything’…. Let me try again…. Found one.  A bit of a compromise and offshoot, but consistent with my vocals and branding.  Will think about it.

7:55, can’t believe it’s that early.  Okay, getting up in a second, I swear.  Shower, dress, maybe watch a little of the news then out the door.  Can’t wait for the kids to be here.  May get them a little surprise, I’ll see if I have time toward EOD.

Stopping again to look out window, then look at iWatch, charged.  Put cap on pen and put it and its parenting journals in bag.  Putting self in 2022 while here in a ’21 chair sipping a ’21 latte as a ’21 Mike Madigan.