12:29, out of house.  coLAB, Mendocino Avenue.  Coffee, no desire to lunch.  Keeping self here till ‘bout 3:30.  Aim…. Three new leads, 1 new partnership with either and IT individual, or property manager.

Yesterday’s meeting with director confirmed I’m 75% of yearly quota.  I need to get crazy in prospecting, raising awareness.  Just have conversations…. An idea, written in AE Notebook (AE Notebook 1).

Coffee here is amazing, nothing like that repugnant cup at Sonic recently.  First sip alone sends me spinning and swirling in idea – writing one down, then another.

Connecting… relationships, business, creating something from nothing.  I’m fascinated, suddenly.  But not suddenly.  That interest has always been there, ALWAYS.  And for EVERYTHING.

The internet, not that but only that.  The idea of, the connectedness and compositor of the current room.  Here at coLAB and changing EVERYTHING.  The remaining 25%, I have 73 days… SEVENTY-THREE, to acquire that and more.  Aiming for more, believe me.

List of conversations, starting….  Business type, location, how many emails back and forth etc….  Daunted by strength of coffee.  Just two sips and my voltage is WILD, unstoppable.  Slow down, Mom would say.  True, but don’t lose propulsion.