Life, passing so quickly I’m getting a little worried.

Am I consuming all moments as I should?  Am I thinking too much about it?  Obvious answers on their way, I’m sure.  So I’m in the chair and writing, ready to start the day in the About EVERYTHING story.  Need a little time to self though first.  Gave presentation this morning in leads group.  Was received well, from what I saw, but more importantly I taught myself something – about connection, relationships, HUMANS…. I know how to approach prospecting today, as I always say.  But this is different.

Watching the news, more rain coming.  Remember to ready bag for tomorrow I note, clean house a bit… need a nap.  Yes already.  Better to get it out of the way.  Working out at some point, here in house.  Need to cancel gym, start my own, here, and then in the eventual condo or house.

Breakfast burrito from Oliver’s, just sounded amazing.  And it was.  Bought a medium coffee as well but am putting in fridge for later.  I love cold coffee, so many others I know hate it.  There’s something wrong with them, obviously.  That’s right, I’m perfect, and they’re the antithesis..