Coltrane, more beat, more expedience, more echo of intention.


One new lead, then another, then an invite to call.  Will look at network map in a second… OH, the picture my SE sent me of that building in BMK.

Mind moving excessively fast, it’s possible.  1:50, and thinking what next.

Couple people walking around, and I force self to stay in chair.  Looking for mixers and events, if they’re happening. Things appear to be loosening up, I think?  Saw something on the news this morning, reporter in Petaluma saying Sonoma County make lift indoor mask requirement.  I hope so.  I like others want to be safe and healthy, but am just EXHAUSTED by it all.

Still can’t believe I’m flying out tomorrow.  2-hour layover in Portland if I’m not mistaken.  Leaving for airport, Sonoma County’s, at 2:30.  Maybe earlier.

Bathroom break, and one last cup of this amazing FREE coffee.

Studying self, identity, voice, how I presented this morning… OH, which reminds me….

Like I said, my mind and thinking is like a, I don’t know, something that just wanders and roams and can in no way sit still.

About EVERYTHING.  A consequence of….