9:06, locking myself out of the house taking out the trash but luckily a spare key hidden, I was

informed.  Opened another bottle, not the Lago’ like I though I would.

Over a thousand words for day, nothing posted yet.  No game on, watching some fix a house show on HGTV.  Not paying attention, and when I do I just get annoyed.

Light dinner tonight, Jackie telling me that the way I plated his and his sister’s meals it looked “restaurant fancy”.  He was so happy with the football I bought him, telling me he’d been waiting all day to see me and play catch.  We did at the park by Emmie’s school, the in the room after dinner while Emmie and little Henry watched a cartoon, just lightly tossing underhand in silly fashion, trying to make the other reach or softly dive for the ball.

Like I told someone at lunch today, EVERYTHING is for them.  My needs and wants are big, bug simple.  Build business and do well, so they don’t have to worry about ANYTHING.

Not teaching next semester will free so much time, and more revenue brought in, business built.  Not leaving house tomorrow except to go to downtown Novato and meet new business characters, learn new stories.

Wine isn’t connecting with me, not yet.  Take another deep sip and the glass is empty. Not pouring another, not yet.  Wait for the wine to open, or “breathe”.  Be sexier, or something.  The show is not truly annoying me.  I need to change the channel, or…..  Texted Meliss, asked her what those shows were she recommended a month or so ago.  Not sure she’ll text back, who knows. Maybe I should just look myself.  Yes, do that.

Okay, the TV is fucking finally off and I’m gonna do the Netflix excavation thing.  I refuse to be a binger, I refuse to be a binger…