…friend.  Pretty certain that won’t happen, EVER again.

Not writing OFFBLOG yet.  Everything communicated…. Magic meta.  Where am and what do.  Little bit more of the news before I go, maybe.  See how long it takes before I’m annoyed.

Ignoring messages and swimming in images, what I do today and next year.  2/1/22 in Paris.  Travel and life, visuals… needed.  So long putting off and constructing reasons why I can’t, influenced by some people.  Now, not.  And never repeated.

Could use a drive.  I’ll get one here in a minute.  8:50, launching in 10—

Another message.  Jesus….  Keep all conversation alive and aloft, I remind myself.  The vendor list… make a new one on AE laptop and email self constantly.  YES…. OR, use the same one just start new tabs.  Something in that…. Story of me starting an internet business, blog-based, and getting to office by 12/5 while still speaking the Sonic and telecom story.  All blended, all music, all aligned.  Love.

Just walk around Novato, I tell myself.  Don’t sell, don’t speak if you don’t want to.  Just walk around, enjoy.  Would love one new, STRONG lead today though.  Get out there, I…