Driving to Novato and walking around, in a bit. News off. Coltrane at low volume.

Then I get a text, random, from a conversation… hold on….

Responded and now back to music, the day…. Weekend with kids starts tomorrow.  Last night how visibly and vocally happy they were being here, everything.

Approach this day differently, I say to myself.  Okay, HOW.  I start with wine…. The one I opened last night which didn’t do much to me.  Maybe ‘cause I was looking too intently.  Try again tonight, pair with leftovers from last night, what I bought for the kids.

Thinking, staring at the espresso cup, thoughts on nothing specific.  Office hours tonight.  Going to cancel— OH WAIT, I don’t have to.  Told them there’d be a prompt on the blog to do.  Whew…. Getting tired of the semester, but looking at the calendar, today’s date being halfway through October now leaves only two months in term remaining.  I’ll close it up quick.

Slept well last night, finally.  Another thing with getting old, you need sleep.  Like, really fucking need it.  So annoying.  Not sure how I survived that Sunday night a couple weeks ago with my new business owner…