3:07, wow that was fast.

Having some espresso to wake me up.  Blog post up for students.  Trying to stay ahead of the semester and some work I just did gave me a roadrunner’s lead.  Perfect.  Next essay more or less announced, then…. Can’t get too ahead of self.  Schedule of due dates, I’ll do that in the morning.

Get groceries for kids, for weekend.  Giants game tonight and I’m beside myself excited, honestly. Hoping they win, but if they don’t don’t expect me to drive to the GGB for a swan dive.

Have an idea, how to get a contract to land.  See if it works….

Dealing with a new lead that I can do nothing with, but the reaction to my call from someone else in the company has me smiling.  He recognized me, was happy to hear from me.  “Hey, Professor Mikey!  Long time no talk!” I don’t know, the positivity still gets me to smile, the voice of that tenor and feel still shifts my day to something I more love.

What else can I do.  A productivity junkie right now.  Moved money around—  Interrupted by a call, somewhat of a surprise.  Will elaborate off blog.  Huh….  All I have to say here.

Some OFFBLOG notes and back, leaving house soon.  The day, which is like my Sunday in some respects, not caring if I observe or react, or act.  My head is twirling and circling itself…. Huh, I say again.  What do I make of it, of that, certain conversation and characters.  All I want is quiet, myself.  Prime candor, truthfully.

Another message… ugh.  Should just unplug everything.  Switch modes, what do I need for kids…. Veggies, milk, cereal…. Now in dad brain.

Tonight is for me though, all alone and in quiet.  Giant’s game.  Needed.  Wallet, keys, shoes, gone.