A no-wine night for the writerfather. 


So much I want to write about from day, to how it started to more on those gossiping cluckers at Hopper, to arriving to work only to have time to make some calls and gather content (managers interviewing someone in tasting room), to me doing some “outreach” to neighboring wineries then stopping at Dry Creek General Store to pick up sandwiches, to returning for lunch then leaving shortly before 5:30 to make the SCOE meeting.  I’m tired, a bit cranky, and could fall asleep right now if I wanted to.  But no.  I won’t.  Have to keep with my words and my self-analysis, deciding where I really want to go, and I know, oh do I ever know.  All words and thoughts and aims into this bottle, this book, this den of books kept on this very blog.

The ice-water is angelic, in all its ways; its temperature its purity, its easing of any residual angst from day.  Coffee made for tomorrow, and again I plan on invading 4AM’s hour.  To write individually on the topics I earlier listed.  Tomorrow, the 25th, its own business.  25 will be in the name, somehow.  Concept:  early mornings, words, workouts… so I’ll do pushups, sit-ups, some exercise downstairs and quietly (more than likely those pushups where I hold a certain number and play with the lowering and raising, holding pose, etc…  tentative name, ‘525 fit writ’.  Again, just an idea, and tomorrow morning will be the test, or “beta test” of the business.

So glad I decided on no wine for the evening.  Need focus, need the early morning, and that coffee (note for morrow: go to store, get a shit ton more coffee!).  This desktop, now, getting to me but not.  I look through the pictures I pocketed today while on Dry Creek’s Road and Westside Road, imaging owning a vineyard, and how maybe that should be my end-end-end aim, the meridian of my end-game.  I’d have it in Sonoma County, somewhere.  More than likely Russian River, somewhere.  But where?  Graton?  Westside Road?  Sebastopol?  Where?  Working with Dutcher has taught me beyond quantification how to run a winery, what works and not.  Wine, and winemaking, farming a vineyard and understanding just what grows from the ground, very much interests and draws the writer.

More on 525 fit writ:  thesis hones on the synergy of writing and living a healthy life, making it more than a lifestyle but mental functionality.  How you need to be healthy and fit to be the writer you REALLY want to be— or, no, don’t like that wording.  I’ll iron it out, eventually…  OH..  You access an unusual intensity with your writing when you attain a certain level of fitness, or health.  Something like that.  And you have to get up early, disgustingly early.  4, 5 at the latest.  Factoring in the discipline, and the commitment to getting healthy and fit, and staying that way, and rising so early.  Like I said, more than just a lifestyle.  MENTAL FUNCTIONALITY.  You get to a stage where you don’t know how to think any other way.