A Seeing

As I understand, in this learning about meditation, is that it’s about appreciation.  Appreciating your surroundings and the ground, sky, whatever birds are chirping around your part of Earth.  And if you’re inside, in some room, be appreciative of having that room to collect yourself in.

Today, I went to a part of the block that was recently tilled (not sure which varietal), so I could better see the Earth, it looking up at me.  And I could only feel grateful that I had that moment, right there, under the clouds.  Appreciative.

Everything around me singing.  Meandering while centered.

It was more than appreciation, more than awareness or understanding.  I’m not sure what it was, but it was something more.  And I found it, whatever ‘it’ is, in that meditation on my lunch break.  FOR THAT, I’m grateful.