Noir Walking

IMG_6288And in my new whirl I think of possibilities and what to build and I just think of the wine brokering notion, creative wine brokering.. and why not. All the research I’ve done and I can’t find one with a creative, engaging, even FUN edge or theme or tone to it (the collection of outfits out there). Not one.. I’m dumbfounded, frankly… No wine tonight, only a beer or two as I want to do more research and make a list of wineries I’d like to “represent” if that’s the right word– and I know it’s not as I need my entire approach to wine to be outside the box, energetic and thorough and just impassioned as no one else is, and Creative as no one else is.. visuals and descriptive prose and narrative and visual over visual. This is just the beginning– and I know, what about the novel? Well, was too busy today to give it attention.. maybe tonight. What’s on my mind now is MONEY.. supporting my family and this new Autumn Walk base.
I look at Jack playing and know I have to take this seriously, and have everything I do with wine be written and narrated and, again, convey that not just passion but FERVOR.. that devoutness in wine and its story and character and what it does to a moment.
At Arista tomorrow and am already thinking of new ways to narrate the wines, somewhat as an experiment but also to see how people react. Those wines are at the level where they more or less sell themselves but get a writer like me behind them and they can only move in mass amount. The Zins, holding a cinematic, very narrative interest for. They’ll be my focus wines for morrow. Them, and the RRV Chardonnay. Going into the day and shift with my own “campaign” motives.

And then I think, hours later, maybe this is all a novel, maybe this is all the story, and maybe I’m more Massamen than Massamen. Consumed by the thought and idea of freedom and the notion of writing my novel and actually finishing it. Having two little cinnamon buns for night’s cap, and I know I shouldn’t. Wanted to run today but had no chance.. none. Would love to run along Westside Road tomorrow after work, but it’s dangerous. But.. maybe that will motivate the writer to run better, concentrate more on form and rid myself forever of knee trouble.. again, outside the box. And run away from the box entirely.. just post everything and keep running and stay situated in wine’s eat, scribble madly and type even more madly–
Ready for bed but I don’t want to stop with these words, and the images, what I’ll see tomorrow and what I’ll taste in the wines we’re pouring. The Chardonnay, two AVA Pinots, then that Zin; that defiant and expository Zin that always says something different every time I taste it.
English 5, ending today. So much more now to grade. Not sure how long I can keep with the adjunct key-and-lock. We’ll see, and it’s hard for me to stop especially when students proclaim repeatedly how much they take away and how the literature changed their lens’ shape and intensity.

Yes I’m backing off a bit, or maybe entirely, but the fact I’m planning a novel is problematic and flawed. This journal is a novel, I just need to market it better, that’s all, truly embrace it as my brand.. have to run tomorrow, right along Westside Rd. Dodge the cars. And so what I need that danger and that dodging exercise.. remember to pack running gear, and keep writing. Glad I stopped at 2 beers, and now I have the energy and push to wake early as I did this morning. This is all a novel, this is all a story and that’s what will free me, I know it–