3rd dream sketch

I just rush and rush and don’t know to where. I pack and get ready like I do every morning but I’m not in my house, I’m not on Autumn Walk or Yulupa, I’m just rushing, and for WHAT! I try to stop myself but the character has a life of its own I’m just an observer at this point so I get frustrated and for some reason begin a backwards pattern. Then I’m removedly observing, I see myself doing all this and I morph into a cartoon with accented movements and colors and speech. And I hear people laughing. This is obvious, I think to myself when I wake and even before when still in dream. But the character keeps moving, moving stuff around packing stuff up for the day, answering calls, adjusting his tie and the audience keeps laughing. But I’m not, especially when I wake, when I go to the sink to splash water on my face and teeth brush.
“What am I doing?”