Out of bed this morning with the Nurse ready to devour the day.  Not even ready, just determined and sure I will.

Opening meeting in 13 minutes.  Already one ticket to address.  Couple other I think I have to make notes on.  More and more into the ticketing consistency sand practice.  Latte, 4 shots, my fuel and life right now.  Writing everything.

Yesterday passing 1001 words.  What’s my average, not sure.,  Stay connected tot he correct composition I remind myself.  Fast till after 12:00….  Write everything.  Getting kids later, Jack doing something at school I was informed that definitely requires consequences… not my favorite part of parenting but I have to do it.  Goddamnit, why did he do that?

His age, and he’s a boy.  Yes, the ‘boys will be boys’ rationale present in head but it’s not an excuse.  Not in the mood to deliberate consequences right now..

Two meetings down, now to tickets.  One after another.  Sip latte…. QUICK.  Note calendar to reach out to small winery client in December, before trip… Dec 1.  Calendar marked.

09:42… cold this morning.  Running at 13:30.  Probably won’t be that much warmer by then.