Kill them with kindness…. Yes, but not always the case.  Just be kind and grateful, profess passion and openness, humility, famished to learn.  Learn MORE.



Meeting at, what, 12:30 or :45?  Running after that.  Low 60s, so not at all warm.  Tempted to not go but I know I need to ‘cause I won’t be running tomorrow or Sat or Sun.

Hungry… shit, what do I do?  Fast till after run?  Stop thinking about lunch or anything lunch-esque.

Distracted by one thing or another…. Saving some projects and to-do’s for tonight, in the nook.

Not sure I’m going to run now, losing the urge and mood.  Maybe I can just, I don’t know, go slow.  Or.. not go today.  It doesn’t feel right.  Decided… not going.  Oh well…. Will bring weights up to loft and do a bit of that.  Cross-train, like my running buddy Mannie urged.  He’s right.  There, crisis over.

Leftovers from the Himalayan place I took the Nurse to last night.  Hadn’t been there in a while…

15 minutes till interview panel meeting for new AM.  Excited about this, and humbled.  More so humbled, really.