At Oliver’s.  Thumb on MSP pulse.  Nothing moving at the moment.  Keep my mind away from certain curves and blurbs.

Enjoying a beer and watching some college football highlights.  Not really watching them.  Enjoying this time to self.

Need to get to the loft… being away anymore would rile and contaminate my thinking.  Happy to be in Windsor tonight, and even happier the Nurse is joining me.

This market fascinates me.  Much about it does, and not just the tavern, or the deli, or the silly gifts and candles they have and that I’ve bought for the Nurse countless times.  Another round around my thought track, more laps…. Thinking hard but nothing materializing.  Is it old age?

I’ve lost some of my writing wires, or fire.  Something in me changing…. What if I fight it?  Fight what, though….?

Good question, no answer, and I’m in a cyclical slip again.  I need one idea… and I need it tonight.

Photography, the first place I go in this meditation and inner-mediation.  Then wine, the running, the being a single dad and my kids.  Then I’m halted.  Thinking as far back as I can remember.  Living in San Carlos, my elementary school and how the first day of kindergarten I got in trouble. For talking.  Shocker.