Almost at 1001.  Not sure I’ve touched that number recently so I keep typing, writing for the sake of it.  Like many of my students used to do I’m sure, submit a fucking essay that hits the required word or page count and hope they get an ‘A’ or something to show their parents.

16:48…. Should get back to the loft.  Check the fucking mail, clean the kitchen, open some of that Riesling the Nurse and I bought the other day…. Little mood but I’ll laugh it off, I am right now. Thinking about my first job, at Lunardi’s Market in Belmont.  Oh my god, what a shitty position.  But what did I expect?  I was like 16, right?  Was I 16?  Fuck I’m so old now I can’t remember, and I think that shit is HILAR’…..