6.54 miles, 9:22 pace.  Still not where I want to be pace-wise, but getting close.  Almost done with 1st bottle of water, another needed after this for sure.  Don’t feel any pain or exhaustion.  Nearing the shape I was in before fucking covid hit and my 8+ mile lunch runs were all but extinct.

This feels too good, too right, running like this instead of going to get a fucking burrito bowl at Whole Foods.

Banana before I launched, about 45 minutes before.  Not hungry… ticket comes in with my name on it.  Going to learn everything about this new tech house and what it does.  Talking with the founder yesterday layered more perspective.

This feeling can NEVER be allowed to leave.

Made a note on a ticket, first time I’ve done that.  Starting my own ticketing system, tie with calendar and spreadsheet.  List of tasks but more than that.  How to elevate and maximize and aggrandize in my own productivity.

Feeling something building from BDX… for this, the CRM and ticket management/sales coordinator echelon.  Still developing, will check back with it later. 

New attitude architecture… the miles, all 6.5+ of them a rewrite …..