NaNoWriMo month.  Nothing written yesterday, really.  Today not the case.  Nothing slowing me.  Managing tickets and scheduling calls…. Think I’m finding a rhythm, finally.

10:32 still feel the iced latte’s 4 shots but may need some more coffee in a bit.

10:52 Mastering this ticketing system…. Started one of my own but haven’t done anything since yesterday.

I HAVE TO, WAKE. EARLIER.  Get ahead of the day before it starts…. Tomorrow, 05:00 rise.  Make kids’ lunches tonight.  Keep laptops out.

Lunch at 13:00, going for a run.  4 miles, maybe .25 or a bit more.  Six tomorrow, or 10k.

Need 1001 words today, somehow.  Anything, about anything and EVERYTHING.  Dinner with Chris last night and his fiancé, all the time behind us and forever ahead of us.  “Time, it sucks,” the Nurse said this morning as we got ready to leave our Sonoma room.  She’s right but anymore I’m. Motivated to try and catch it, get ahead of it… fight it with the page and positive interpretations and delineations of people, conversations, nights out in Sonoma or anywhere with her.

Starting tix log.  Meant to monitor and manager productivity…