Put on calendar, “Fresh Air…..”, for 11:50 to 12:05. I have to laugh because I’m not going outside but rather still standing here at desk and typing, thinking about the Nurse, business projects and ticketing, this whole ticket system in the office and the CRM, then developing one of my own, for my at the moment.  Delineating the entirety of a story.

November, 2nd, Nurse telling me or rather pointing out this morning at Peet’s on Broadway that already “Holiday Drinks” are being made.  As in, xmas.  “In the span of a day, it went from Fall to Christmas,” she said.  I shared her surprise and slight annoyance.  Why does everyone want to move so fast all the time, and with everything?

Stoicism…. About me today yes but with a modified and more moderated brush.  This new work story, absolutely what will change everything… bring about more projects, BOOKS, travel for me and the Nurse.  I’m in a bit of disbelief, seriously.  Hearing Chris tell stories about us and me from the past, my Sonoma State days…. Wow, all I can say.  Wow.

Want coffee… Message the Nurse first.  She always comes first, right along side my kids.  They, all, my family.