Need to get kids to bed soon. No run yet.  Tomorrow morning, hopefully.  Swam with the kids, burgers for dinner and then more notes… being a single dad, the nurse messaging me and making me think about everything.  Simplifying for sakes of her, US….  at this stage and seraphic scene in the story, I’m intimately and molecularly harnessed to the pages.

Sedaris-like…. What happens is, and only now I find it.  One character carving new composition.  She needs to know.  She already does.  But I continue to scribble in precise irrational circles.

TOPIC NEXT – Up here, in the woods but not. Well I guess it’s the forest.  Not at all the point, kids…. How happy they were swimming.  That couple hours, a book.  Easily.

Dad and I playfully sparring, me joking about CSM and he saying how that paid for my college.  No contest from me… I need to get back in the classroom, but in a different way.  Centered around the journal, about notes and observations.. the seemingly plain and mundane and how valuable it is.  Forget value… like time with Nurse, everything is just better.

There’s more life, more light, more sight… not so fixated on being right or some self-serving plight.

Yes, I do that, admitted.