Starbucks… already hot outside.  Drove to the Village for the first time this vacation.  Seeing this as a writer’s retreat.  With everything done… Writing about writing, blogging about blogging.  The ‘blog EVERYTHING now’ belief, nothing is dismissed, nothing is plain.

Families forming the longest line I’ve ever seen out the Starbucks.  People talking about just getting here, what they’re going to do today and while they’re here.  Two guys both here with their wives I’d surmise, not sure about kids, talking about how beautiful it is here and how long they’ve been planning the trip…. How they have to check into work later in the day, I think regarding a problem with a client, how a job is going.  Must be construction.

09:40…. Woke just before 05:00, couldn’t go back to sleep but eventually did.  Should have stay up and hit word goal, just write about the sun coming up here in Central Oregon, the new journal I’ve started on interactions with their mother since court Thursday.

Noting everything.  Thinking in terms of character… characters.  How they change and interact.  What am I after.. being able to come back here whenever I want.  Finish projects here, us it as a lab, or workshop, studio.  At the dinner table now, finishing latte, about to give Henry a bath, tell Jack to jump in the shower.  Then head to North Pool.  I know, a little conflicting, but so what.