4.28 miles, under 10 per.  Wanted 5 but couldn’t make it.  Altitude finally getting to me.  09:15,

coffee helping but I am definitely in need of another.  Unable to write, and not sure why.  No mood about me, but ideas, thinking about the week and projects I was thinking of on the run.  Fitness and tech, then real estate, whatever.. then me as a project.  Some sort of new mission or something, and starting today.  Building a new building. Well, drawing it first.

New structure and appearance but in visual and voice.  All for the kids, money I generate for them however I do, with whatever… prop tech or some assignment, who knows.  The future is the storm of needed blank pages so anyone expecting me to stay in a fucking wage jar is demented.

Need a shower… this laptop is annoying me, moving slow.  Found a typo in my outgoing message…. annoyed.

Beautiful outside.  More coffee.  Heading to Bachelor around noon I think.  Stopping with the me-writing.. only observations.. kids getting older than I have time to catalogue or in any way deconstruct or more deeply consider.

Running past a lady stopped with her dog, talking to a man on his deck, she on the bike path’s edge, about seeing fawns play with each other in tall grass by the river. Didn’t get much of their conversation other than that.