Getting kids ready for bed.  Well, kind of.  Tonight, I want to make them happy.  Emma with her ice cream, Jack watching something with Henry, and me feeling the run, those 6.35 miles at some animalistic pace I did not expect to log.

Gratitude again stopping me, numbing me, pleasurably.  Commanding and irreversible reflection and appreciation, sight and connectivity — Henry looks at me and smiles, Emma with her ice cream.  What else is there to love.  This is it, EVERYTHING.. the entirety and purpose of my purpose.

Five miles tomorrow, and I’m going to be intentionally slow.  Hoping for over ten minutes for each mile.  Shooting for the five miles and that’s it.  Honestly, today’s run upsets me a bit, and has me confused and anxious.  9:08 per mile?  Was that supposed to happen?  I have no idea… weird runner moment for me.  Have to move on, not dwell, focus on my babies.

Readying for bed, and today is just the sequel to the beautiful vignette yesterday was, multitudinous.  My candor is amplified tonight, fearless.. wanting these missive fencing intervals with some.  I laugh… the entertainment is like life juice from a leaking barrel.