And honestly, where is my stoic practice?  Indeed, this is on me.  Not reacting,

enjoying my latte and the quiet of the office, the house.  A study of what I can control, which is little.  Not that I’m just going with the flow, but not fixating so much on what others do.  What can I do to control or even influence that?  Nothing.

Especially with some people….

So, enjoying the morning.  Thinking about a run today.  No distance mark targeted, would love to hit 5 but I think 5k is more sensible, attainable.

Really feeling yesterday’s 6.35.  Tired and sore, but proud of myself and the unintended quicker-that-usual pace.

Back and forth with Sunday… do I go to the winery, or not.  A FULL day to myself could be of unimaginable value.  I’m pressuring self to reach a decision by noon today.  Not pressuring, but setting a deadline.

Already feel myself siding with working Sunday.  Well, it’s really not work, but being there and enjoying the people, the wines, St. Helena.. gathering as much content and story and character, manuscript as I can.  SETTLED.  I’m going.

09:03 trying to schedule something at work …