Battle poet mode, sudden.  Overtakes me.  Unafraid and aggressive.

Focusing on my character, my attitude and its architecture.  Not so much facts, as some people say they only speak.. ME, here with conviction.  Right or wrong, unimportant.  With what I speak and write and think.

Checked mail, just solicitations, as is SO often the case.  Need to stop doing that, capitalizing one word for emphasis.  Like my use of ellipsis.  Anyway…

12:58 and heading out to lunch.  Light rain, wonder if baseball will be cancelled. Hoping not, as Emma recently has been emphatically vocal about her love of playing and her pride in being a girl catcher.

That girl, I swear, my weakness over all perceived weaknesses.  But conversely, making me stronger and more bold, more unafraid and insistent on providing everything for my kids and beyond-beyond that.

I think of them, smiling and laughing and playing in the loft like last night.  Jack asking for ice cream and I say yes but just a little and he offers no resistance or further demand, no protest.  Total agreement, smiles at me, “Thanks Dad, I love the ice cream you have here.”