Woke at 7 but decided to give myself 20 more, and the kids 30+.  Readied quick for baseball,

Jack’s 10am, only to learn it was cancelled.  Relaxedness and ease pervaded the third floor where they were putting on their uniforms and Henry dressed but still waking up, walking from my room to the slums, my moniker for Jack and Emma’s side of the third.

Waffles for Henry and Emma no surprise, pancakes for Jack.  Now 08:20 and can’t help but feel a little sad the game was cancelled.  Looking forward to seeing Jack and his team on the field and in the box, and not going to lie the taco party for Cinco de Mayo that was meant to happen last night but cancelled from rain’s intensity.

In nook, coffee, planning the day.  Car wash, haircut, clean the sink and do dishes, be at Ms. Kerri’s later to watch the girls before she gets home.  Noting everything… TRUTH, that’s the AE way.  

About EVERYTHING… everything happy and positive, and everything educates so I can only write even the boring details and occurrences like waking this morning, early.  Played the game with myself that I usually do when that happens.

“Okay, what time do you think it is?” I asked myself.


I look at the phone.  “4:33.” I remember laughing a little at the early hour, and how often I will guess close but rarely this near to the actual hour and minute.  I texted myself a note so I wouldn’t forge this.  I knew there was significance in the time and me doing what I do when this happens but not sure.

“4:33up at 4:4” I texted myself in sleepy and slow Mike Madigan manner.  Not clear and of course not correct completely, but I remembered as soon as I sat to type this entry and the morning and everything that’s happened.