Approaching Mid-May.  Already.  Back from the Napa side, this morning.  Night out

with Kerri’s brother, needing this coffee.  Thinking about my kids and the sales story, putting them through college, Mom and Dad and how they’re visiting with Uncle Stevie and Auntie Linda for the first time in over 2 decades…


It just moves.

No spending today.  Not a fucking cent.

More and more I want to open the coffee shop.  All coffee and coffee/espresso projects, pastries and breads maybe even hiring a check or bake or chief baker.

So much going through my head now at this desk, finally home. Night before last at Kerri’s, having our traditional coffee date in her kitchen.  Then last night dinner and walking Calistoga with her brother.  No time here, at this desk, on the second floor – the loft.  Feel negligent, irresponsible, like a refugee or escaped inmate.

Something’s after me.  My own thoughts.  Obviously. 

Sipping coffee, furiously.  Will need another cup shortly, I’m sure.

Rescheduling call with Howard and Stan… more than even pressing self and motivated to have the new sales sorry not only work but be the EVERYTHING in AE.