Jesus, it’s always fucking something.  No worries and no matter.  Got receipts done last night, have latte on desk, and in the reverb of yesterday’s beautiful music and walks and SF sights… I’m in love this morning.  With EVERYTHING.

Domain name I thought of yesterday, can’t believe it’s not taken.  Securing today.

09:02 not sure what I should tend to first…. Need a run today, definitely.

Already hopping from project to project, changing lanes driving fast multiple Roads—

Not allowing any pauses, or distractions.  Today, the sequel to yesterday’s grandiloquence can only shine more and be louder ,or unique music… new beats and layers, muting all negatives and nay-sayers from their frowning chairs.

Almost got distracted again…. First tending, prospecting.  Return to the project I started over a year ago… no cold-calling, and no phony “relationship building” as you hear so many say.  Something more written, personal, communicative.  Wait…

Sending contract again, small revision.  No problem.  For my first client, and contract in this new story, shit, I’ll do anything.

Feeling a little sluggish but fighting it off with a forceful chug of the latte.  Felt immediately.

The MAP, determining everything.  If only some knew…