Wednesday.  More than a long day, but the best so far in the new sales story.

4 site walks.  Thought it was only going to be 3, in my dad’s old ‘hood.  Contract, my first to land soon…. Too tired for details so only a composition of generalities tonight.

SE Stan and I walking from the 2600 block of California I believe back to the office.  Well over 2 miles.  Think my steps count is somewhere around 12k.  Had such with SE at some burger joint on Cal and Laurel(?).  Too tired to remember.

In pos loft office, inventoried receipts and listening to Hilton, sipping the Decoy Chard I bought at Safeway on Brooks.  Dinner here tonight.

Tech and real estate.  Secured new domain ensuring the contour, what will pay for the kids’ college, should they elect go.  And if not, whatever business they choose.  Whatever they want to do…. All I need, my vineyard.

Grateful tonight, this track, Nishati, having me realize where I am and all I have.  How did I get here… through pain, more composition of new character.  No resentment like others, no attacks, no malice, no furrow.

Just peace, music, wine and poetry, LOVE.