6:28, finished small salad.  Laundry running and much more to go

from my procrastinating ways.  Turned off news. Bored with it.  More into the trees moving one way then another then some unexpected dance that appeared to be circular, just outside the deck or balcony as Jack calls it, window.

Jazz… Spotify list I think called “Background Jazz”. Not bad at all.  Feeling love and gratitude tonight, zen… Pinot I opened I think four night ago, last night I was childless, still showing fervor and tell, a jazz slow-stepping personality and flirt.  I’m more than happy now… some will want to chasm this.  Expect to be unsuccessful.

Missing my babies… little Henry asleep on the bed Saturday, taking a nap before his big brother’s baseball game.  The kids are the answer to everything… EVERYTHING.  They are the everything in AE.

I get it now.  Fuck why did it take me so long.  I mean, from a business spacing, sight.  Who knows and that’s a futile entertainment.

Get a message from Mom and course I start tearing.  But from joy…. Finally. That’s all I’m going to say.  FINALLY.

Pinot telling me more – more about myself and the Now, the wine, Sonoma County.. think this one’s from he Old Camp Vineyard which of course I know from the Sanglier days.  Another reminder, and message from time – “I’ll catch you.”

No you won’t, I answer.  I’ve already caught you, DEVIL.


Thank time for actual dinner.  One of the tortellini bowls.  Reminds me of her… mother of our children.  Melissa.

She needs and deserves place on page.  Some will dispute, I don’t care.  I’m writing respect, and yes love.  I’m not here to battle and tuck into a trench.  This loft is about LOVE, and togetherness, family.

New world, newly written.