Quick writing break before calling a prospect.  One not in our footprint and won’t like what I have to offer.  Waste of time, utterly.  This adds to anxiety and frustration and other emotions I know are of no benefit…. Laugh it off, Dad says, and he’s write.  His counsel pertaining to other fronts, but I migrate the mentality to the AE story as it’s needed.

Feeling more assembled than earlier….  No Noto visit for latte, made another cup here.  Lunch planned but not hungry…. One fast move, or I’m gone.  Kerouac speaking to me this whole morning, since waking just after 8 or actually before.  6-something…

See myself running later, just 5k, then again tomorrow, then again till I’m at the 8-mile lunch run. 

Still no music in office.  CHOOSE HAPPY, sign reading upstairs.  It’s that simple, I’m reminded.  Mask Mom bought me last year I believe, “Drink Coffee Write Books Be Happy”.  Again, that simple.  It has to be.  Why am I overthinking all this?


Only now putting on some music.  Coltrane…. Five mile run.  Can’t believe I did it.  NOW… just to make the running consistent.  Tomorrow morning, 5k, new route.  Today ran along Conde and a little on the Green and around it.  Pace was about where I expected it to be.  Now sipping a sparkling water, no lunch yet.  Not hungry.  Swear I’m not starving self.  16 hours and 20 minutes into fast.  Snacks and apps for dinner.  Tempted to eat at one of the nearby spots, can you believe it?  Maybe go to Oliver’s, get a burrito?  NO… use what’s in house.  Pinch all pennies and block all dollars.

Dinner on second floor then returning here.  OR… write at the 228 bar..  Decided later.  The anxiety from earlier is dead…