5:55, feeling much better.  

Called out for rest of day, took quick nap, just stayed here in loft.  Did a couple chores, laundry and putting away of clothes, cleaning office area downstairs which I still haven’t used as an actual office.  No desk or chair, so…..  Quota on my mind, sales, this slump I’m in.  Change something.. several ideas.  Fit all onto a post-it.

Only topic, now, is the AE story.  Sales.  Building my book of business to a point where I sell it and open the doors to BDX.  Getting on the phone, sending emails, going to events, having cards on me at ALL times.  Think tomorrow night I might go to the bar down the street, the one my friend owns and see if I can’t find a conversation and hand out a card.

Also… the #prospectesk project.  Need to note something EVERY day.  All sales ideas and notes and trials, failures, closes, all occurrences.

Project set for the night.  Something small, easy, easily attainable.  For contacting new businesses tomorrow morning, and I’m starting early.

Just wrote a draft, not in love with it honestly.  I’ll touch it up later.  6:33, want to be in bed by 10.  Go work out, FINLLY, then hit every business you can.  I’m not letting quota win.  NO… this is the story, and when this year is over I’ll be in my office.  BDX…

Trapping all ideas.  All of them.  This island counter, the brick wall behind me and to the left in the loft area… my office downstairs.  Blogging, and a business from it.

Quiet night.  Third at the loft.  Old friend reaches out to me citing my positing energy… again, I’m looking at my character, me as not ME but a reader.  Picking up the book, turning pages.