10:01, grades submitted.  

My last time doing so.  Honestly I almost forgot but going to my browser looking for the WordPress tab reminded me – “Oh SHIT… GRADES!”

Severe weather planned for tomorrow, Dad telling Mom they should leave tomorrow.  Up to ten inches of snow, 40 MPH winds.  Leaving tomorrow…. jealous.  Want to write looking out at snow.  If I get this AWD SUV, that will be.  Tahoe, not sure about a long drive through snow on 97 to Oregon.

10:18, readying for day.  Not letting myself buy too much wine.  Max 2 bottles at each stop, and I don’t see us going to more than 3, 4 would be stretching it and I don’t know if I’m feeling that.  Well, Chris did say a stop at Hawkes for more of that Merlot, so….