Gift buying finally done.

Another year at the buzzer, maybe even a bit after.  Three stops— No, four counting Oliver’s where I bought a Pinot for tonight’s tasting.  Not saying it here, but I predict mine will be the favorite.  We’ll see.  It’s my favorite, already.  I’m writing it that way.

Starting to fade after the tuna sandwich.  Double-espresso, STAT.  Not sipped yet.  Looking forward to seeing Katie, her dog Stout.  Christmas, already here.  Already gone.  Have to shower this anxiety away, time moving so quick it makes me forget what holiday it is, who I saw this morning – MY KIDS!

Age.  Talking to me in this Nook.  Pinot tonight, the anchor and star varietal.  Hate that word, varietal.  Sounds so clinical.  The wine, character and story, music of evening. Too tired to write.  Go live, I tell myself.  Have a shower, put on new clothes… get in the “Christmas spirit”, something I don’t even believe in or really know what is.  But, I’m doing it. Wish I had one of those despicable sweaters.

Receipts from today’s shopping.  Not looking at you fuckers.  Looking at the espresso.  No I’m not posting another picture of the small little cup.  Rather, no picture.  More thoughts over what I’m sipping.  Huh, sipping espresso, and thinking Pinot.  Odd juxtaposition, or expected.