Someone trying to take the catalytic converter in the Prius.

That goddamn fucking car.  I’ve hated it from day one, and now this.

Cops came shortly after I called. One car then another officer in an SUV.  Told me to file an online report, with no suspect description.  I did look out the window after waking up but only saw a figure moving quick.  Turned on the front lights and all sounds stopped, so I don’t know if they actually succeeded in taking it or just damaged it.  Tried starting the car when the first offer was here and something’s definitely damaged or missing.  Like this deep and loud, broken-sounding grrrr or growl, like a pained giant.

So, I’m awake.  Unable to go back to sleep.  Texted friend and they said same thing happened to their friend.  Ugh… so now I need a new car.  So maybe this is a blessing? I mean, I have joked about this happening so I’d have to get a new something.  Maybe the Universe answered.  Maybe this is my early xmas gift I talked about, and I didn’t have to spend a dime!

Does this warrant a day off?  I think so.  Cool, so there’s that.  Guess I’m Ubering to the nearest car lot, or the auto mall on Hearn or Corby or whatever that is.

Starting to feel tired but not letting myself go back to sleep.  Find funny in this, I remind myself.  Almost went out there when it was happening, but then thought “the kids…” Much I wanted to go out there and beat the shit out of whomever was doing what they were doing, I need to be here for the kids.  Forever. And, I need to not let this anger me.  Again, I HATED that goddamn car.  For a number of reasons, but none of them matter now.

It’s over.  And not just the car. 

Okay… so what am I getting.  Guess I have to get it quick.  Almost got that, what was it, the other week.  Was that a Honda, that SUV?  No idea.

Wow, I can’t believe it actually happened.  Look at me, I’m actually smiling.  I mean, how much longer did I want that goddamn thing? True… so, stop being tempted by self-pitying inner-prose.

Talking to my espresso.  Double-shot of course.  She tells me to relax and enjoy being up so early.  “That’s two gifts this morning.” She says.  “HAPPY FRIDAY!”

Should note the director, just let him know.  Won’t be hitting the street today knocking doors looking to sell internet and telecom solutions….  Again, I’m laughing.

So, what’s on the agenda today… Get everything out of the POS Prius, ‘cause  yeah that’s done.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand……. Ugh.

6:31am, putting on some Tycho.  Relax Mike, I know you want to get negative and worry, but….. Don’t.  Finally, a new car.

Forget about the car……. This weekend with the kids.  They make everything better, always.  The other night with my parents, little Henry reaching fro my dad for the first time and of course Emma unable to stay away from grandpa, laying down on him and watching a cartoon.  And Mr. Jack, my best of best of any “best friend” I’ve ever had, demanding chess.  Speaking of, I need to practice.  Maybe that’s wha tI should do after this post, while I’m just sitting here in the Nook office, practice against the computer and read more strategy.

Need another shot.  Just a minute.  Still very much dark outside….  What made those guys come up here?  ‘Cause it’s Skyhawk?  Why weren’t they looking closer to downtown, or on the West Side?

Shake it Mike, forget about it.  Like friend just texted you, “Congratulations. You got rid of the Prius.” But, I’m honestly saddened by it.  That car has been around for a while, in the family and Melissa’s family.  I remember when her parents first got it, a much different time. Before kids, all those trips to Monterey.  Melissa and I were so young and more or less without serious cares.  Makes me think of her, Melissa, and how I wish everything would have evolved differently.  For the kids.

Now again getting sentimental and tearing up, I’m having another.  A double.  Fuck it.  And fuck and thank whomever targeted my car.  Time ignoring me, just passing like I’m not standing there, like I’m not in this Nook office writing and missing my kids and how things used to be.

Positivity.  Something I profess and yes need to more embody and perpetuate.  Enjoy your morning, I write to self on Paris pages.  New day, new story, kids getting here.

Espresso made, only a single.  Going to watch the news for a bit and get my mind off this.  Do I call in sick for the day or not?  Not…. Or, yes, to go look at cars and be guiltless.

Looking further into this occurrence…. That sound of the drill or saw.  Did it wake anyone else up?  Had to.  Saw the neighbor across the street with lights on. Cops asked me if there were cameras on the house I told them no then they asked if anyone else had one responded “No idea…” What do I see in this… Newness, and not just with a car.  Part of this shift in reality.  Looking still and not sure what I’m looking at or for.

Daylight just now materializing.  Wonder when those officers get to clock out, when they started their shift, beat.  Like baristas and the hours they keep, cops have always intrigued me.  Anyway, emailing Director.  Taking the day.

Email sent, but told him I’d check in, in a couple hours.  So not declaring the whole day as ‘off’, not yet.


7:49, submitted police report.  Not sure what that’s going to do.  4th shot of espresso.  After this I have to stop.  Stomach feels like it’s trying to eat itself.  In no mood to write.  News was annoying me but I guess I’ll turn it back on.

Should I file an insurance claim?  I mean, what would I expect to get out of it?  I think the car is only worth like, maybe, five or six hundred dollars?  Maybe?