Back from looking at a couple cars.

Exhausted and sipping a latte.  When this wears, nap for my sanity and composition.  Since I am more or less trapped…. think.  The next move, the reaction.

Use this, what happened.  Old pictures revisited and relived and again I’m thinking photog, design… travel.  Wine in other cities and hotels.

This morning’s entry about the catalytic, too long.  I know that, I know… having 199 words or less be LAW.  Signing it into official and hardened decree like I’m my own legislative house.

Fuck that car, the Prius… UGH.  Why today.  FRIDAY.

Latte not working.  Maybe I should switch to wine.  Kidding….  Somewhat not, but more so yes.  I’m kidding.  I’m NOT having wine at 12:27.

Idea for a novel….  Corporate guy quitting to make wine full-time.  Been done before, I’m sure.  And certainly thought before… but I’m thinking about it again.  Jack, his name… no last name.  Specializes in blends…

Wine continues to call and taunt me.  Write a goddamn book, she says.  Why are you writing about sales and all this other shit?  No idea.  I’m easily distracted, have to change that.  These wine people, the industry and business, all my friends… pages.

Re-writing Now.  Again.