In office, a different side office. Slow… quiet….

Not much happening but doesn’t matter.  The office talking to me, telling different directions, and asking me what I’m doing here… why I didn’t I wake when I wanted to.  Easy answer but moving on into story, the day’s.

Big bill due tomorrow, write more.. work harder and more and wake earlier.  That would not only “solve” everything but start new project and generate new currency courts. Why do I always think about that, money?  It sickens me.  Further the Happiness definition and picture instead, I tell myself.  What will make you happy and keep you there, in that state and story and ride.. buy the ticket I hear HST say.

10:22am.  So much day left.  So much music for me… MUSIC.  Stay there for a second I tell myself.  In this current instrumental.  Don’t know who it is and it doesn’t matter…. I’m in a fast smattering of thought and meditative lot.  I see wha tI want, what’s needed for story— stop there, don’t go down that writing line again.  Fine, I say to self.  Not a matter of buy or sell, but… what.  Think… where is this going… where are YOU going.

Suit up for run at 11:30.  That leaves 59 minutes of time in chair.  Feel hunger speak but ignoring it.  Have another coffee.  Yes, I’ve had one coffee after the three total espresso shots at Skyhawk house.

Note written yesterday for #prospectesk project.  Shit, forgot to post it.  Drawing the 2022 picture further…. Posted.  Reposted on LinkedIn.  Cold in this side office.  Like, uncomfortable cold.  Do I switch locations, maybe get coffee at….. Acre?  Starbucks?  

Deciding to stay, follow through with my aim to run a route here.  Then back to house, yogurt and granola lunch, then more time at keys… now part of me saddens with no sections in Spring but it has to happen I know.  Change.  That’s inherent in the story, AE or other.