Then I plan. Xmas gifts for kids…. More budgeting for house…. DONE.

Jackie and I last night talking about Pokeman – or he doing most of the talking and teaching me about Pokeman.  Asking me if he can have some more cards and I said because he was good last night sure, I’ll get him some to play with on the way over to Auntie Katie’s tonight (As in, tonight, 11/26/21), and I should get Emma some new cards, and a new binder.  Incredibly fearful I’d forget he asked me where Sue keeps the post-it notes he wanting to write one and put it somewhere I wouldn’t forget.  So he wrote my action items, bullet by bullet and not forgetting to thank me.  Didn’t see note till this morning.  Not only did it make me smile but reminded me how now I have an opportunity to be the Dad I want to be – spoil them more, teach them what I’ve learned from my parents, and other.

Leaving soon to get some cash and get some xmas shopping done.  OH WAIT, I think some stores possibly Best Buy are closing this “Black Friday” because of covid or supply chain issues, something like that?  Okay.. looks like I’m online shopping.

I don’t mind spoiling them.  AT. ALL.  They have the rest of their lives to be stressed or disappointed or wishing they were still kids.  Now they are and I’m right with them. The K…..  Almost posted my gift targets for my wee Beats.  Only in Paris journal or OFFBLOG, never know who’s reading.  Well, that’s the thing I do, sucks for them.

The principle aim of BDX because bright this morning like this Santa Rosa sky and the love for my babies – Henry last night watching Wizard of Oz and unable to be distracted even with my kisses and snuggles and trying to make him giggle the way he does.  Last night’s print and finite impression not going anywhere at all…. Leaving house in a minute to Best Buy, see what I find.  Google search says they’re open, so……

And Google’s never wrong, right?  More espresso, are you shocked?  C’mon, be honest.

$5 to safe jar. Starting that again and not dismissing cash like I said I would, or not to the degree I thought I was going to or had to. Taking to friend yesterday night before last about money management and investing giving more idea dimension and kettle – burning this morning and I’m of set certainty and conviction I wasn’t just twelve hours ago with Henry on my lap watching Dorothy go up the cyclone and see those farmhands  out her window, then the witch.

Happiness composition – SELF, family, creative and—  THAT’S WHAT I FORGOT TO WRITE IN PARIS JOURNAL… The gratitude dues, or journal.  What I’m thankful for and yes so many suggest starting such a log or journal but I’ve always dismissed it.  Blending it in here, into the proper BDX province of posts…. Kids, their health, my health and life, family, Sonoma County, Sonic, friends at Sonic and elsewhere… this moment right here, now at this table in the nook… EVERYTHING.