So, Thanksgiving. Another.

Different this year obvious reasons but not focusing on.  Back house, 10:15, espresso and plotting day until kids arrive at 4.  A run, some writing, a power nap if I can which I don’t see as feasible.

Goal of reading 20 pages today, somehow.  Sedaris’ ‘Me Talk Pretty’ … giving self prompts just as I do the 1A or other section students.  Remembering my days in grammar and high school, like Sedaris in the first piece.  Never was pulled from class like him by the “Agent”, but how I interacted as a human, my priorities like my kids’ now.  Playing baseball, throwing a football, how riled you got when getting an A on a science test or some spelling quiz.  Reminding me where I am, where my family is, past relationships… Sedaris laid out a Road for me, that yes I’ve read but maybe didn’t pay close enough attention?

Light dinner last night, more of a snack…. Starving now.  Breakfast from somewhere.. shit, where.  Where’s open?  Mom’s in kitchen, don’t want to disturb her…. Starbucks, get one of those sandwiches.  Think that might be my only option, it being Thxgiving.

Inner voices chanting, encoring… finish the marathon, like she said.