See How I

Two appointments, just texted to confirm.  Not allowing Starbucks today.. yes I’ve fallen back into the goddamn addiction.  New sushi place last night, never been before and it was perfect.  Exactly what I needed after a Monday which tested me only ‘cause I fucking let it.

In a writer’s wheel and posture this morning.  8:17am, don’t imagine much will be happening today with conversations or leads or really anything. Thanksgiving in 2 days… seriously how the EFF did that happen.  How was that allowed to happen?  Why is time such a dick…

One lead needing to schedule a call with, so that’ll be Monday.  Then more searching…. Can’t get the prospect of President’s Club out of my head..  All I have to do is be one of the top two quota attainers, and above 100%.  If the Berkeley thing closes, that should do it.  But don’t bank on that… go after smaller shops, I’m thinking.  Have a more SMB approach rather than looking for these 20+ seat deals.  Thinking out loud, but it helps.  We should all do this… what you want and how you’ll get it.  Speaking of, email students… will do that in a minute.

More notes… the espresso, receipts I need to enter into Quicken… Fuck, behind again?  This always happens.  Just put it on calendar, like for 6 or 7pm and with a glass of wine – “ENTER DAY’S RECEIPTS!” Why is that so hard for me.  Why is any of this the way it is, this adulting thing.  Where are the receipts..?  Right there, other side of table…. Okay, start with the first one, Peet’s on Broadway, the latte I said I wouldn’t have that morning.

Receipts entered.  Guess I feel good or accomplished about it.  Now to more espresso, or a coffee— NO, don’t spend.  Another shot… Mom comes out with her laptop, how she reads the news, the Press Democrat on their site.  May leave for coLAB in a minute, in fact yes… work out of house.  Lunch with Nick at noon at Bird and Bottle, I think…. Dinner here tonight.  Day more or less mapped out, but changes… type in living room tonight on one of those couches, finish an essay…

Waiting to hear back from realtor, and Nick.  Holding pattern in morning 8:38 and wondering what else I can do to get in President’s club.  They’d be taking us to Maui… when was the last time I was in Maui… 1996?  Jesus… I have to make this happen.  Get on phone, sign anything and everything, no matter size.

You know what, I may go into the office after all…. coLAB charges for each visit aside from the most basic membership, you know one of those co-working spaces, and I need to save every penny possible saving for a house, right?  Okay.. what’s my next move… Pack up.  Get in car.  You’re not going to be able to touch President’s club from this nook… not until you have your own nook, your own house.  Can’t happen soon enough.


Side office, forgot I had a call at 9:30, 9 minutes.  Coffee from break room, didn’t give in to Starbucks thoughts.  Sipping coffee, staring out window and thinking of approaches to this sprint toward president’s club.  And, why do I want it so badly?  For the trip to Maui….?  Not really.  Just to know I could do it and DID.

Look for more leads… where.  EVERYWHERE.