The way Jack talked about writing yesterday….

May have re-written my entire writing story.  Wine – three dominant chords:  love, music, humans.  Now I see something else. The music of wine and how humans perpetuate this music.  Sometimes it takes an odd like I told them last night about the guy who came into the Caddis room last Sunday and cited the Chardonnay for having an odd finish because of the American oak on it (40%).

“Uh, no.” I thought, but didn’t say anything.  Did let his snide smuggery ruin my beat.  He actually turned out to be an okay guy, talking with me about David Sedaris after I brought him up, then writing and essays, back to wine but in a more even and humanize rise.

Love – of everything.  Sharing with my friend last night, ‘love with aggression’.  Not forceful but with conviction.

Today – freedom, business, movement.

Yes, it’s clear Jack changed something in my writing identity, me as a human.  Follow his instruction… speak more to the reader.  What are you doing today?  What are your dominant ideas and recent revelations…

Are you writing a new story or Road in your overseeing manuscript?