Decline Sign

Coffee, a sky so intensely blue I don’t want to look at this screen.  So I try typing while staring at it but such doesn’t go well.  Writing from past scenes…. Yesterday picking up Jack and my little Beat so excited about his first real essay, his first assigned Composition.  Topic, what is your favorite restaurant.  Of course he loves BJ’s in Coddingtown os the direction was quickly set.  He’s focusing on three dominant ideas – menu or food, service, and ambiance (he loves that word).  He read a draft to me last night in his room while I was keeping his little brother occupied, or as occupied as I could.  He said, “Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up and write like you, Daddy.” I congratulated him again on his essay and writing ways and urges.  Told him to keep it up, and let me know if I can help in anyway.  I offered one suggestion pertaining to the adjectives he used for the music played in the restaurant.  Not sure he agreed with me, but…..

Coffee from Oliver’s.  May go see my first house today.  I’m already smithed by the pictures posted on some real estate site.  Calm down, I tell myself.  Thinking more about yesterday to distract me – site visits in Berkeley, then Bel Marin Keys, then the drive home when I was attacked by email after email.

Tired suddenly, which is weird ‘cause I slept fine last night.  What after this entry… should go to the gym but again one side of me says no, makes excuses.  Organizing day in head, when would I be able to go if I decide to later?  Depends on when I go see this house, really.  A day off from Sonic, but my day is fully booked – shopping for a gift, birthday of friend, then dinner with this friend at 7.  That gives me under 11 hours. Have to find a way to fit in a workout, a RUN, somewhere in there.  Not fixating on it now… enjoy prose and coffee.

Thoughts of travel.  Start saving, I was told yesterday at my leads meeting by someone trying to impart “advice”, or a thought, or something.  She’s right though… save.  Budget for day, another item.  Thinking of yesterday again and all the scenes of value and gravity… my daughter running up to me in the street after not seeing me for basically a week.  Need them more, in more days, my little Beats.  Henry I barely recognize, he’s getting so big and voicing all these new congealed pseudo-words.

Don’t think about yesterday or today or what you have to do.  Deny entry to those thoughts.  Just be as into the Now as you can, at this dining room table now my desk and the coffee and how some people only want to introduce nihilism and nay-say to everyone’s day.  Some are just wired differently, I’ve been told since a petit bloke.  Sign reads, “NO ENTRY, devil.” Smiling… empowered, NEW… wine story evolving with ideas for blog and a shop.  Sip coffee again, meeting of one.  Right here.  In this quiet room.

Need to be organized in my essay writing like Jack.  Wow, yes… my 9 year-old taught me about Composition.  His father who claims to be a writer or blogger or whatever this week.  Organizing ideas like Jack…. Family, business, wine, blog.  IS it that simple?  Well, you can make it that simple.

Make it that simple.