In staled meeting, camera off so I can type a bit.  Took quick nap and realized I have less time than I thought in day.  Dinner in less than 4 hour.  Will lift weights later, no cardio…. Double-shot of espresso, clouds outside, rain on the way.

About EVERYTHING.  Every facet of the story, of the character, the meta and its manuscript and magic.  Hard to type here and be somewhat present in the meeting… will note you when it’s done.

Can’t wait.  The voices are too distracting, though….  Haven’t looked at any real estate today.  The thought of my house dominates all my thinking and priority pulse.  Sell more, I say to myself, but it’s more than that.  Not sure how much more, but more added dimensions.

About business going forward… learning operations in meetings like these, procedure and process, how to have things just run smoother.

Looking outside, waiting for rain.  Big contract just landed but I still feel at a loss.  WHY.  That’s funny, right?  Huge victory but I’m still doubting self or second-guessing.

About EVERYTHING… that simple.  The espresso cup, the pen, the meeting, dinner tonight with an old friend.  Have everything I need.