…or breakfast at Peet’s.

Yes, treating self today, this Sunday Funday.  Sounds trite and running out of things to say, put to page this morning.  Should leave… in order to put sentences in any form there needs to be movement, experience, education, SELF-education.

The wines at all locations yesterday…. My shop… wine story, book, this blog, and other.  Happiness Composition, very much part of it obviously.  But where do I take it.  Where do I take BDX next?  Raise head and look out big window here in living room and see the drive to Sonoma.  Looked at paper, no new real estate prospects, NONE.  I get frustrated and people tell my to be the embodiment of patience and I either think of rolling my eyes or actually do.  Guess I don’t have a choice, and it’s not something I should rush, I know…. Just want that office, the wine fridge, somehow fit in a pool table maybe.  My head goes everywhere, design and creative impulse… have another idea….

9:01am, time to get up.  Come on Mikey, GO.  What’s keeping me here… business ideas, referral and leads strategy.  What’s NOT keeping Mike Madigan in the chair, better inquiry…